Can Career Shifters Apply For Senior Roles?

Can Career Shifters Apply For Senior Roles?

Kuya Dev Tidbits Podcast Season 4 Episode 9


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It's scary. Huge potential for failure and can induce massive impostor syndrome. And I've received a lot of flak for my thoughts on it... THE SENIOR ROLE JOB LISTING!

My comment on the thread:

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P.S. Apologies in advance. I've had little sleep leading to the episode, and worse, I recorded this at 3AM!!! So I think it may have influenced my frame of mind. I got kinda agitated during the episode. Worse, I kept using "incompetent" instead of "unqualified" or "inexperienced" during the whole episode. Poor choice of words, I know. Regretted it the minute I stopped the recording. Well, that's that. But yeah, my sincerest apologies.



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